[Press Release] Training for Campleader Winter-Spring 2015

Training for Campleader Winter-Spring 2015

Gedongsongo, 5-8 Desember 2014


As wise word always says that the leader can be successful when they can produce a new leader. That is how IIWC works to produce Camp. This December, IIWC held Training for Camp Leader (TCL) in Gedongsongo, Semarang Uptown. This TCL was hold in 4 days with so many activities which related with the real activity in work camp. The First day starts with introduction session as well as analyzing motivation, contribution, and fear of the participants in volunteer house, in Semarang. Training coordinator continued the activity with group dividing session. In the afternoon all trainers and participants went to Gedongsongo by bus and continue the activity.

The activities in TCL divided by 3 elements in each day; pre-work camp, during work camp, and post work camp. After finishing the lunch, all trainees started the pre-work camp session with as the material for presentation. After that presentation, each group will do the survey according to the pre-workcamp checklist. All participants looks very curious with the material which given by trainers.

In the second day, trainers remind the participants about aims of TCL. After that, the participants are in the campaign stage. Before lunch time all groups make a presentation about their activities. Next activity was development skill for communication skill, leadership, public speaking, and management conflict. In the end of the day trainers gave study case for legal matters and finance stuff.

Third day seems very fun than others, because trainers gave them media and documentation material. In the end of the day participants and trainers performed their talent on social night. It was really funny; because all the participants took a part in that activity and seems they blend each other. In the evening the training coordinator asking the participant motivation to see the development. Almost all the participants improve from the first day. “In the beginning I did not know how to organize and manage work camps, all seems so difficult. I am afraid I cannot manage financial in work camp. After I join this TCL I know better, I know how to prepare, make budgeting, and make finance report and ready become camp leader.” Alita trainee from Bandung.

Last day, trainee got mini-workshop about climate for peace and it must be implemented in every work camp activity. Then trainers introduce Pool of Camp Leader member to the trainee, therefore new camp leader can find any difficulties that they can ask to previous camp leader who gathered in this session.


Writer: Wahyu Agung

Editor: Jene

[Press Release] Service Civil International Incoming Program 2014: Germany (Finish)

Spreading Environmental Issue

Through Workcamp With Cologne Youths

One of workshop with local students

One of workshop with local students

After program in Brussels, Belgium. Me (Amelia Dita), Sarah Mabingo (Uganda) and Enock Pedze (South Africa) continued our journey to the next city, Cologne, Germany. The Program was still the same “Service Civil International Incoming Program” but with the different hosting organization. This time we hosted by SCI Germany. Astrid Bohrmel SCI Germany staff and other SCI Incoming Program participants already waited for me in Cologne Central Station. I was so excited since there were plenty of other participants from many countries. They were Thangdy (Cambodia), Paulina (Mexico), Komla (Togo), Phillip (Nigeria), Bhupender (India), Amraa (Mongolia), Alejandro (Ecuador). After a long walk with a huge backpacks and our suitcase, participants arrived in SSM building in Mulheim District, City of Cologne. That building would be our new home for the next one month.

SCI Incoming Program in Germany was different with the one in Belgium. It was a whole month of workcamp and the objective of the workcamp was giving workshop for high school student about “How much Earth does human needs”. The first ten days of workcamp was preparation training for the workshops. All of the training topics was about environmental issues. We also talked about environmental issues in our own home countries. And our trainer introduced us to various of methods and games so that we could use it during the workshop with the student. The purposes of the workshop was to raising the awareness of youth in city of Cologne about environmental issues.

There were 6 high schools in Cologne that we visited for the workshops. We glad that we had positive response from the students.

“This workshop was really interesting and I’m glad that I participated because I got a chance to heard the environmental issue in different countries directly from people who lived there. And I like this workshop since the volunteers delivered in fun ways. We were not only learn something but also play.”

- Said Ernst one of the student in Willy Brandt Gesamtschule (High School).

Not only workshop, all the volunteers also got a chance to visited SCI Germany Office in Bonn. It was very useful for us since we got explain on how SCI Germany worked regarding partnership.

We also did plenty of excursion. We had a chance to sailing with ferry boat in Rhein River, visited Bishop Castle in Bruhl, hiked to Drachenfels, visited Art Museum in Cologne and visited the famous landmark of Cologne, Kolner Dom (Cathedral).

After one month program in Cologne, Germany all of us went to Kornik, Poland to participate in North South Platform Meeting of SCI. This meeting is annually held by SCI International Secretary. The agenda of meeting was to evaluate the partnership and made cooperation within SCI branches and partners around the world.

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Writer: Amelia Dita

Editor: Antony Satria

[Press Release] Service Civil International Incoming Program 2014: Belgium (Part I)

Getting to Know SCI Belgium and Raising Humanitarian Issue Awareness Through Workcamp


Heavy bags, extremely tired, lack of sleep but excited. That was probably the perfect situation to describe me as soon as I landed in Brussels Airport. Maud my peer volunteer greeted me warmly after I found her. Along with Maud, Marie SCI Belgium staff was there too. Maud told me that we should wait for Enock Pedze (South Africa) and Sarah Mabingo (Uganda), both of them are SCI Incoming Program Participant and I will stay for the next 2,5 months together with them. While in the apartment Elena, another participants from Guatemala already waited for us in apartment since she was arrived earlier than us. After Enock and Sarah arrived, we directly went to the apartment for short briefing.

Service Civil International Incoming Program is initiated to invite several active volunteers from SCI branches and partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. This year SCI Incoming program lasts from August – October. The program divided into 3 different time line, August in Belgium, September in Germany and the first week of Program is North South Platform Meeting in Poland. The objective of this program is to make deeper understanding in evaluation and cooperation within SCI branches and partners around the world and to give chances for each SCI Branches and partners to get to know each other.

We had On Arrival Training in the first week of our program in August and held by SCI Belgium. The training was very useful for us since we got a chance to learn about SCI Belgium and culture and politic of Belgium. In the final day of On Arrival Training was Intercultural Night. We (the volunteers) requested to cook our traditional meal from our home country. It was very exciting since I had a chance to introduced “Ayam Goreng Kuning and Sambal terasi” to the guests. I also had a chance to taste various traditional meal such as South African Barbeque, Peanut beef stew from Uganda and Maiz (rice corn) from Guatemala.

SCI Belgium also invited us to visit the workcamps in Arlon, Province of Luxemburg. I found it very informative since I learnt a lot of differences on how SCI Belgium manage the workcamps such as the camp leader is only for facilitating the workcamp.

In the second week we got invited by SCI Belgium-Liege. This is the branch of SCI Belgium in Liege. We really had a great time in Liege since the local volunteers were really active and welcomed us. We also got introduced to various game and pedagogical tools. I think this games and pedagogical tools were useful for every training and gathering in International Voluntary Service Scheme. The local volunteers in Liege also took us around Liege to experience the historical building around the city.

The next main activity during my stay in Belgium was joining one of the work camp. The Incoming participant seperated into two groups with the same theme but different places. The theme was animation with asylum seeker in the asylum seeker center. Me and Elena went to Asylum Seeker Center in Natoye which organized by Red Cross Belgium while Enock and Sarah went to Asylum Seeker Center in Charleroi which organized by Fedacil.

This work camp were meant a lot for me. At first I was pitying them since the asylum seeker usually came from country with conflict and they have to escape in order to survive. But I found out that this kind of thought is wrong. We should be able to see the asylum seeker as person who same level with us, just because they are fleeing their countries doesn’t mean that they are different person. Turns out they are actually very great person, I met book writer from Iran, Ex Adviser for Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan, Syrian who pursue law degree in Lebanon, Ex professional basket player from Senegal, a great hip hop dancer, Soccer player from Eritrea, a successful businessman . If I have to compare they even have much more better profile than me, and more over isn’t the value of IVS that we shouldn’t have intention to “help” them? In fact I learnt a lot from them, those great person who taught me about friendship, surviving and love.

The work camp ended with spectacle show presented by volunteers and the resident of the center. It was very remarkable since the resident really appreciated our work and the residents even participated in the spectacle show. Volunteers and the residents were doing clown juggling, hip hop dancing, playing darbukka (Arabian drums), singing and cultural dance.

After two weeks of workcamps, we got invitations from SCI International Secretary in Antwerp. The purposes was to have brief explanation of North South Platform Meeting that we would attend in Poland in October. After the briefing the intern and EVS volunteer in SCI International Secretary Office took us around Antwerp to see the beauty of the city and the city landmark.

And in the next day was our departure to continue our journey in City of Cologne, Germany. It means our program in Belgium is finish. Time to move on, Au revoir Belgique…

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Writer: Amelia Dita

[Call] Participants for International Volunteer Day 2014



Mangkang is a fisher and farmer village located in west Semarang. This project has become annually and continuously project organized by IIWC in answering the needs of preserving the coastal side of North Java Sea in Mangkang. About 1,1 km costal line in Mangkang area is now in danger due to the abrasion of the sea, cutting mangrove by local people and heavy force from the river flows. Before, many kinds of fish and shrimps are living there, but now since the condition of the mangrove forest is getting worse, it is quite difficult to find the species anymore. Fisherman also needs to go further to the ocean to fish and it means much work they need to do to earn money.Mangkang is the project site for IIWC’s World Tanabata Action since 2008. It is a global project initiated by NICE Japan then was adopted by CCIVS UNESCO in the beginning of 2008 where volunteerism all over the world through IVS planting trees and hang their wishes in Tanzaku paper on bamboo leaf. Mangrove preservation is not a single activity but it is very complicated and consists of multiple dimensions. The project will provide a more meaningful impact if it is followed by an awareness raising activity focused on the local people to invite them to care or even to take part in planting. IIWC Volunteers will do a campaign with a focus on the local people in Semarang (city centre).

On International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2014, we not only celebrate volunteerism in all its facets – but also pay special tribute to people’s participation in making a difference locally, nationally and globally. IVD 2014 highlights the contribution of volunteers in engaging people from the grass-roots in decision-making processes, ultimately creating space for participation that leads to: stronger governance, social cohesion, peace and sustainable development.

This action also dedicated to #NVDA Common Action #SCIclimateforpeace #actioncounts #IVD2014

-Protecting the sea shore
-Increasing awareness amongst the local community
-Cultural exchange

-Planting 4000 mangrove with 100 volunteers
-Having fun with the other volunteers

Place: Kelurahan Mangunharjo, Mangkang, Semarang
Time: 07.00-Selesai
Day/Date: Saturday, 20 December 2014
Participation fee: IDR 10,000
Meeting point: Bapak Sururi’s house RT03/RW01 Ngebruk Mangunharjo, Mangkang, Semarang.

What to bring:

-Spare clothes for planting
-your own tumblr

How to join?
Apply via sms: send sms to 085727312123 (GITA) or 085727944252 (NOFI) with format: IVD_Name_City_Email
Example: IVD_Gita_Semarang_amalia@gmail.com
The participation fee is Rp. 10.000 payable on your arrival or just come directly to IIWC office: room 1.04 1st floor PKBI Central Java Building, Jl. Jembawan Raya No. 8 Semarang, Central Java – 50145 Indonesia. Next, IIWC will send you the welcoming e-mail for the action.

[VACANCY] Staff of Indonesia International Work Camp (IIWC) Public Relation (PR)


Staff of Indonesia International Work Camp (IIWC)

Public Relation (PR)

What is IIWC?

IIWC is the leading Non Governmental Organization for International voluntary service (IVS) in Indonesia. We organize International voluntary service in the form of International workcamp, Long and Middle volunteering program, IIWC cares and event and campaigns to increase the awareness of the local people toward some issues raising in the society by involving Indonesian and foreign volunteers. We also send Indonesian volunteers to join IVS projects abroad. Visit IIWC Blog at iiwcindonesia.wordpress.com

With the fast growing of the organization, we are happy to invite you to come and join us as the STAFF for:

  1. Public Relation (PR)
  2. Outgoing (OS)

Description of tasks (PR):

  1. Boosting the number of IIWC members
  2. Managing the IIWC membership and membership system
  3. Managing IIWC online social accounts (blog, website, social networks, newsletter)
  4. Coordinating IIWC campaigns, events and promotion related regular activities
  5. Coordinating IIWC Working group, especially Creative Team of IIWC (CTI) linked with the other working groups
  6. Working for International Voluntary Service promotion and recognition in national level especially in Indonesian young people and public.

Description of tasks (OS):

  1. Promoting volunteering abroad for Indonesian with target number of volunteers in the scheme of international voluntary service
  2. Collecting and updating information of project vacancy list from IIWC’s International Partner

Qualification of the candidates

  1. Minimum 21 years old
  2. Highly motivated
  3. High voluntary spirit
  4. Ready to work under pressure and dateline oriented
  5. Ready to work both at team and individual with/without intensive supervision
  6. Good public speaking
  7. Having medium to advanced Cross cultural Understanding and work with International environment
  8. Good to Excellent of English both written and oral
  9. Good to Excellent computer skills of office and audio visual program
  10. Good to Excellent IT skills (blogging, website, social network)
  11. Having basic knowledge on email management
  12. Available for travel both domestic and abroad for work purpose

If you are interested in the position please send us:

  1. Completed application letter with code of position on it
  2. Recent CV
  3. Colored photo 4×6=1 piece
  4. Letter of recommendation from your previous organization and or working place, if there is any.

Send or bring your application documents not later than 4 January 2015 to:

IIWC at Gedung PKBI Jawa Tengah Lantai 1 Ruang 104.

Jalan Jembawan Raya no 8, Semarang Central Java, 50145.

Or  by email to: iiwc1@yahoo.com  with subject email mentioning the code of position you’d like to propose.

Please note that only short listed candidates will be notified. We are looking forward for the motivated

people to join with us in the big family of Indonesia International Work Camp.

Announcement of the Successful Camp Leaders for Winter-Spring Camps 2015

Greetings to all the trainees of TCL Winter-Spring 2015!
IIWC Training for Camp Leaders for Winter-Spring Camps 2015 has been completed last weekend in Gedongsongo from 5th – 8th December 2014. We are now pleased to announce and to welcome IIWC future camp leaders for the following list of camps:

  • International Workcamp
No Code Name



Camp Leaders

Start Finish
1 IIWC 1501 Mangkang Camp 15-1 13 Jan 26 Jan Semarang City Rinif Fajar Noor Pratama,  & Nurul Hidayat
2 IIWC 1502 Gedongsongo Camp 10 Feb 23 Feb Semarang Regency Dhika Yoganta, & Nuzhatul Ussak
3 IIWC 1503 Mangunan Eco Camp 05 Feb 18 Feb Bantul, Yogyakarta Yogi Trisky, & Hanifah Rifti Aini
4 IIWC 1504 Fazza Camp 04 Feb 17 Feb Semarang City Atina Vina Muna, Vacant
5 IIWC 1505 Pekalongan Envi Camp 28 Jan 10 Feb Pekalongan Region Muhammad Izzudin,  & Jene Pradana
6 IIWC 1506 Mangkang Camp 15-2 10 Feb 23 Feb Semarang City Sefty Hanida, & Rahayu Nofi
7 IIWC 1507 Tegalrejo Int. Camp 28 Jan 10 Feb Semarang Regency Ana Siti Nur, & Rizal filiawan
8 IIWC 1508 Cikapundung Edu Camp 13 Jan 26 Jan Bandung City Debby Citra, & Fina Iffatul Maula
9 IIWC 1509 Mangkang Camp 15-3 03 Mar 16 Mar Semarang City Rahayu Nofi, & Yusup Wildan
10 IIWC 1510 Pekalongan Street Children Camp 13 Jan 26 Jan Pekalongan City Sri Wahyuningsih, & Maryam Fatchiyaturrohmah
  • Bilateral Workcamp


Kode Name




Start Finish
1 GWC IIWC-EUFORIA I Sunan Kuning SW 18 Feb 03 Mar Semarang City Fairuza Alif
2 GWC IIWC-EUFORIA  II Pekalongan SC 18 Feb 03 Mar Pekalongan Cty Mukhammad Hidayat Muttaqin, & Jryan Setiawan
3 BWC IIWC-NICE Japan I Tegalrejo Camp 06 Mar 19 Mar Semarang Regency Alita Febrina Huduni, Vacant
4 BWC IIWC-NICE Batu Lonceng Camp 19 Feb 04 Mar Bandung Regency Chanif Aziz Sungkar,Vacant

We would like to congratulate and thank all candidates of camp leaders who have dedicated their time and energy fully for the training.

Please reconfirm your commitments by sending an email to stv_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com as proof that you’re ready to lead IIWC Winter – Spring Work Camps 2015 at the latest Moday, 15 December 2014, at 12pm. More details of information are already sent to your emails.

Last but not the least, we also would like to thank to ex-camp leaders who have applied again for these positions since the vacancy was announced. Some of ex-camp leaders are placed in some positions after some in-depth interviews and considering their leadership records.

However, we are still short of numbers of camp leaders; hence we are inviting only experienced camp leaders to apply again some vacant positions above by filling camp leader application that you can download it here. (Attached CAF/Campleader Application Form).


Jene Pradana W

Trainer Coordinator

[Press Release] Final Evaluation And Dissemination EVS The Other Way

Press Release

Final Evaluation And Dissemination

EVS The Other Way


IIWC has succesfully conducted the final Evaluation for EVS (European Voluntary Services) for eight months in Indonesia. The volunteers learned the culture as well as the local wisdom in the certain places. There were eight volunteers who work for several places in IIWC project site. They were each pair of volunteer from Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Italy. Together they made videos as a result of their activity in Indonesia.

They highlighted the IIWC’s WHV project in Ujung Kulon and Borobudur temple, Kids education in  Abu Hurairah ophranage in Salatiga, and YAC (Youth as Agent of Change) who covered activities in several places in East, Central and West Java. The volunteers started with their journey in On Arrival Training, then Evaluate in the Middle Evaluation, and now they are on the state of the Final Evaluation.

The Final Evaluation was conducted during three days on 21st – 23rd November 2014. On the first day the volunteers evaluated the project from their point of views. While in the evening of the same day, the Local Partners also came to evaluate the project based on their points of views.

“I hope with this evaluation I can have ideas to expand and make better other projects, specifically in Pekalongan, “ said Jerry, one of IIWC volunteers from Pekalongan.

On the second day the volunteer and the local partner are gathered in the same table to point out recommendations based on what happened within eight months projects. They were overviewing the development month by month to see clearly where the problems existed. As Jolita, a volunteer for Borobudur project stated that one of examples was about local partner. She also came up with suggestions on the better selection process for choosing mentor from local partners as one of the main important of volunteering life cycle. In overall, the second day resulted a promising guideline for the next EVS project when there will be EVS volunteers in Indonesia.

On the last day, IIWC conducted the dissemination attended by the local press, Local photography community, film media community, IIWC Community and other IIWC’s Local Partners. This dissemination aimed to spread information about what EVS volunteers has done in Indonesia by showing the videos created by them.

The dissemination was followed by question and answer from audiences. Even some visitors feel motivated by the video and said that they would do more simple meaningful things to their environment. A report from local news was also found the next day on November 24th in both versions online and printed. This program remains a good memory between EVS Volunteer and Indonesia as a very beautiful country with a beautiful people.


Writer: Jene Pradana

Editor: Egie and Metta Dian