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  1. Call Training for Camp Leaders Summer Work Camps 2014 (Hot)
  2. Call for Participants for Final Evaluation Spring Work Camps and Pool CL Gathering 2014 (Hot)
  3. Outgoing Non Regular (Hot)
  4. List of  Work Camp Projects Season Summer 2014 | Apply Now! (Hot)
  5. Open Recruitment | Apply to be member.
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[Call] Participant of Training for New Member (TNM) 2014

What is Member?

Members of IIWC are volunteers that have been registered to be one of the members of IIWC, understand the vision and mission of IIWC, and are actively involved in IIWC activities by fulfilling the responsibility of becoming members (for example paying the membership fee, joining training for new members, etc).

What Members can do?

As a voluntary service organization, members are very essential for IIWC. For all IIWC activities, contribution and active participation of the members will determine the success or failure of the organization. The contribution and active participation can be in the form of promoting IIWC activities to the people around them, giving ideas and opinion about IIWC existing activities, writing articles for the website and many more. Besides, members are also entitled some privileges such as joining foreign language class, gathering activity with other members from different cities, joining capacity building and training activities of IIWC.

In addition, members can also:

  • be actively involved in short term volunteering activity by becoming camp leader/co leader.
  • participate in Long and Middle Term Volunteering activity by becoming contact person (peer volunteer) for international volunteers.
  • be actively involved as the person in charge for IIWC Community (in different city in Central Java) or weekend work camp, or other events.
  • be actively involved as part of Pool of Trainers IIWC.
  • be selected as the representative of IIWC in international events and activities.

Who can apply to be IIWC Member?

  1. Indonesian citizen or non-Indonesian who has been living in Indonesia for at least 1 year;
  2. The age of general member is 18 years old above;
  3. Not registered as member of another organization which has similar activities as IIWC.

How to be IIWC Member:

  1. Fill in member application form (available at: http://iiwcindonesia.wordpress.com/membership/)
  2. Pay membership fee: Rp. 50.000,00 for 1 year to: Bank BNI (Cab. Imam Bardjo Semarang), Account Name: PKBI Jateng, Account Number: 0033664601
  3. Scan your ID Card (KTP/Passport)
  4. Please send the filled application form, a scan of ID card, and a scan of transfer proof to: pr_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com

Background Training Member:

Training for New Members (TNM) is a program organized by IIWC aimed at introducing the organization to its new members. TNM allows the new members to gain better understanding and deep insight about International Voluntary Service (IVS), IIWC activities, and some useful information that may bear great importance during their membership.


To provide training for new member so as to gain better understanding about IIWC.


  1. To provide new members with the knowledge about International Voluntary Service (IVS)
  2. To provide new members with the information about IIWC activities.
  3. To support regeneration of IIWC member
  4. To provide new members with the basic knowledge of organizing events.

Expected Outcome:

  • New members understand IVS concepts
  • New members understand about IIWC membership and activities
  • New members understand how to organize IIWC events
  • New members are eager to get involved in IIWC activities

Where and When will the training be held?

Venue: IIWC Volunteer House, Jalan Jembaran Raya No.09 (-6.984959, 110.377292)
Day/Date: Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th of May 2014

How to Join The Training?

Follow the membership application procedure as mentioned above. After completing the Member Application Form, please fill in the registration form of Training for New Member 2014 (download here) and send it to pr_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com.

If you wish to complete your membership on the spot, you may proceed to fill in the TNM form. The earlier you register is the better. Limited number of participant! We can only accept maximum 50 participants for this TNM.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us via email or mobile phone at  08979490451 (Tony Satria).

Download file:

TNM Reg Form 2014

[Call] Training for Camp Leaders Summer Work Camps 2014

Call for Training for Camp Leaders Summer Work Camps 2014
(16th – 19th May 2014)

Work Camps Summer Season is approaching. IIWC will hold this event from June until September 2014 and for this we are happy to open an invitation for future camp leaders who are motivated to lead the camps during the period. Please read the following details!

What is the Training for Camp Leaders?
Training for Camp Leaders (TCL) is a training which is designed and conducted by IIWC to prepare camp leaders in leading and managing international or bilateral work camps. Basic information about IVS, IIWC and how to organize work camps will be presented in this training. Additionally, the candidate of camp leaders will have hands-on learning through good practices, exercises, simulations and past-experiences sharing with previous camp leaders.

What are the lists of IIWC Summer Work Camps in 2014?
The list of Summer Work Camps of 2014 can be downloaded here.
Please note: International Work Camp is Work camp with multi-nationalities participants and Bilateral Work Camp is work camp with two nationalities participants.

Where and When will the training be held?

  • Venue: Gedongsongo Temple Compound (to be confirmed)
  • Day/Date: 16th – 19th of May 2014
  • Meeting point: IIWC Volunteer House, Jalan Jembawan Raya no. 9, Semarang.
  • Departure time to TCL venue: 08.00 on Friday 16th of May 2014, IIWC Volunteer House
  • Departure time from TCL venue to Semarang: Monday, 19th of May 2014 at 08.00 (to be confirmed).

Who can apply?

  • IIWC Members or LMTV Volunteers who are commited to fully in charge as camp leaders
  • Highly motivated and committed
  • Creative and initiative
  • Good at communication skill and public speaking
  • Good at English speaking
  • High curiosity and open minded
  • Independent and responsible
  • Available to join full time during TCL
  • Having experience in IIWC work camps or weekend work camps
  • Having experience as IIWC work camp leaders are preferable
  • Ready to lead work camp as announced in placement result after TCL

How to apply?

  • Download and fill up the camp leaders application form (make sure you fill up the names of work camps you want to lead after selecting the project in the project list).
  • Send your application form to STV Co Itsnani Mardlotillah/Sany at stv_iiwcindonesia@ yahoo.com and CC to Metta Dian (Pool of Trainers Coordinator) at pooloftrainer_iiwc@yahoo.com, at the latest 24th of April 2014, at 24.00.
  • Send your aplication form with email subject: Application for TCL Summer Work Camps_YOUR NAME (example: Application for TCL Summer Work Camps_Goyang Caesar)
  • Schedule for phone interviews will be sent one day after the deadline of application, only to those who successfully passed the administration selection.
  • The successful candidates of camp leaders will be announced 2 days after the interview by email.
  • The detail information about TCL and confirmation of arrival form will be sent only to the succesful candidates.
  • You can download the camp leader application form here .

What should you bring?

  • Personal eating utensils
  • Personal Stationeries (book + pen , etc)
  • Personal Bath kit
  • Sleeping bag and Mosquito Repellent
  • Sneakers for moderate hiking (no high heels)
  • Personal belonging include personal medication, etc
  • IIWC T-shirts (for those who have it) or red T-shirt.

Other information

  • This training for camp leaders is free (no participant fee)
  • Meals are provided during the TCL
  • All trainees will be shifted to do cooking, cleaning and washing
  • IIWC provides travel reimbursement for trainees who do not come from Semarang, based on economic standard local transport. For this, please bring the receipt with you.

If you have fulfilled all the conditions mentioned above, send your application form to stv_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com  and CC to pooloftrainer_iiwc@yahoo.com at the latest 24th April 2014, at 24.00.

TCL schedule is limited to successful candidates only.




Call for Team Bahasa Indonesia Wanna Be and Preparation Team Training for Team Bahasa Indonesia (TBI) 2014

Call for Team Bahasa Indonesia Wanna Be and Preparation Team
Training for Team Bahasa Indonesia (TBI), 03 -04 May 2014
IIWC New Volunteer House, Jalan Jembawan Raya no 9, Semarang, Central Java

A.Team Bahasa Indonesia

IIWC is calling for its members who would like to be actively involved in IIWC as an Indonesian Teacher to support IIWC international volunteers in programs such as LMTV Regular, EVS, LTV Weltwaerts, and Internship.

What is Team Bahasa Indonesia?
Team Bahasa Indonesia (TBI) is a pool of IIWC active members who are trained as Bahasa Indonesia teacher. This pool established since November 2013 aiming to give chance for IIWC members who have special interest in sharing and teaching Bahasa Indonesia to foreigners and to increase IIWC’s on call Bahasa Indonesia teachers. The on call trainers in TBI will do teaching Bahasa Indonesia for new foreign volunteers in the events of On Arrival Training (OAT) and Bahasa Indonesia support classes during the stay of LMTV.

Why the Team Bahasa Indonesia is needed?
Most of the volunteers for LMTV are foreigners. It is not easy for them to adjust themselves to the new culture, new country with different language, way of life and way of thinking and to place themselves properly in the activity place for their project in Indonesia. They have to be able to speak basic Indonesian language to be used for daily life during their project. Therefore, guidance from native Indonesian Teacher to learn Bahasa Indonesia is needed. At the same time, there are many of IIWC members who might have interests in teaching Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners for the purpose of international interaction and language exchanges. Both needs will meet if you become TBI member.
Thus the role of Team Bahasa Indonesia will be for:

  1. Teaching Indonesian Language in theoretical and practical level.
  2. Helping foreign volunteers to adjust themselves with Indonesian culture and customs.

Criteria to be a member of Team Bahasa Indonesia :

  1. IIWC active member
  2. Good English is a MUST!!! Ability to speak another foreign language is preferable
  3. Having a high interest to teach Bahasa Indonesia
  4. Having interest in the development of IIWC Bahasa Indonesia handbook
  5. Having capability to work in a team or individual
  6. Having a good interpersonal communication skill
  7. Having a strong commitment to be involved in IIWC activities

How to be a member of Team Bahasa Indonesia:

  1. Filling in the application form for Team Bahasa Indonesia (attached) and send it to lmtv.iiwcindonesia@gmail.com before 25 April 2014 at 12.00 pm.
  2. Ready for interview by phone on 28 April 2014, between 10.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 15.00. (Please note that only selected candidate will be notified for the interview)
  3. IIWC will provide accommodation and meals during the training for FREE!!!

What to Bring :

  • Eating utensils
  • Personal Stationeries (book + pen , etc)
  • Personal Bath kit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Personal belonging include personal medication, etc


B. Preparation Team

To run this event, we need 2 volunteers to be prep-team/ preparation team as :

  1. Meals and Menu Person, he/she will be responsible for arranging and providing the meals during the TTBI 2014
  2. Minute Taker + Stationary, he/she will be responsible for documenting every session and providing the stationary during the TTBI 2014.

Criteria for a Prep Team:

  1. Full time availability during TBI.
  2. Having a high motivation and commitment.
  3. Have been joining Training New Member

How to Apply?

  1. Filling in the application form , send it to lmtv.iiwcindonesia@gmail.com before 21 April 2014 at 12.00 pm.
  2. Ready for interview by phone on 22 April 2014, between 10.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 15.00.
  3. (Please note that only selected candidate will be notified for the interview)
  4. IIWC will cover accommodation and meals during the training and IIWC will provide complete transportation reimbursement based on economic standard local cost of transportation. For this, please bring the receipt with you.



Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.
Ben Pramudya, LMTV Coordinator
Yunita Ns Putri, TBI Coordinator

[Call] Participants for Final Evaluation Spring Work Camps and Pool CL Gathering 2014

What is Final Evaluation Spring Work Camp?
Every year, IIWC organizes two times Final Evaluation (Finev) of work camps namely Spring and Summer Finev. It is an activity to evaluate the whole process of work camps during each season. For Spring 2014, IIWC organized 11 camps in Mangunan, Mangkang, Tegalrejo, Borobudur, Semarang, Bandung, and Pekalongan.

This activity shall be attended by all camp leaders of spring work camps. Also ex-CLs who are in Pool of Camp Leaders (PoCL) will attend and have activity together with the CLs of spring camp. In this event, we will share and evaluate together each work camp so that we can identify problems and finding its solutions, as well as to make SWOT analysis from each camp and get recommendation for future. Reaching all those goals, we hope to create better organization for work camps in the future.

What is Pool of Camp Leader (PoCL) Gathering?
PoCL gathering is a forum for IIWC volunteers who previously take a role as a camp leader in the work camp. IIWC accommodates the PoCL members’ ideas through some activities in order to keep empowering our leadership skill and develop our soft skill to the next level. On this occasion, we will also discuss some issues related to short-term voluntary works in IIWC.


  • To evaluate and make SWOT analysis from each camp in Spring 2014.
  • To get recommendation from each camp.
  • To share experiences among CLs of the spring season and also with the ex CLs.
  • To have better and more harmonious relations with all the parties involved.

We will conduct the Finev day by using participatory method. This emphasizes on the need of high commitment and contribution from those who participate this meeting.

Venue and Time
For Final Evaluation
Venue : IIWC Volunteer House, Jalan Jembaran Raya No.09
Day/Time : Friday - Saturday , 11 – 12 April 2014 at 8.30 till drop
For PoCL Gathering
Venue: IIWC Volunteer House, Jalan Jembaran Raya No.09
Day/Time: Saturday, 12 April 2014 at 14.00 till drop

We will send the schedule via e-mail only for those who have already sent the confirmation to the committee.

Who could join this Event?
1. Camp leaders Spring Workcamp 2014 (Obligatory)
All camp leaders who have led Spring Workcamp 2014 are obliged to attend the event or at least one camp leader as representative of one work camp. We expect from each camp leader to attend FULL TIME. If any of you need permit letter for you university or your job please kindly inform to IIWC staff ( STV Co.) by filling permit letter slip (attached!) and we try to make it as soon as possible during the working hour (Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm) for you.
You also need to fill Comprehensive Evaluation Form (attached!). Please submit the document in soft file at the latest 10th April 2014 by sending TO: stv_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com and CC: ditatifani@gmail.com.
2. Participants Wok Camp Spring 2014
All participants of Spring work camp 2014. This is not your obligation to participate this meeting. But, if you are interested in the work camp especially on the evaluation part, we really welcome you and would like to hear your constructive opinion in this meeting. If you need permit letter please do the same with camp leader scheme above. But unfortunately, you are not able yet to participate in the PoCL Gathering.
3. Facilitators (Pool of Trainers)
They are the members of IIWC Pool of Trainers who are responsible to organize the event together with IIWC staff and preparation team. The facilitators will lead the meeting. The facilitator consists of both trainers who conduct Spring TCL (Training for Camp Leader) 2014 and IIWC Staff who are responsible on short-term volunteering matters.
4. PoCL (Pool of Camp Leader)
They are members who have enough experiences in leading the work camps in whole year since they join IIWC. We also consider to the ex-CL who show their motivation on PoCL, either actively or passively involve in our forum.
5. Preparation Team (prep-team)
Prep-team is responsible to support the meeting by preparing tools, to provide logistics, and to take document during this event. For your information, we will have first prep-team meeting on 7th April 2014. So, if you are willing to join the event (as participant, prep team or facilitator), please send your confirmation letter (attached) which indicated your position to ditatifani@gmail.com and Cc: stv_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com at maximum 3rd April 2014 at 12.00 am. Then you will get a call from IIWC staff to re-confirm your motivation.

How to submit you Application?

  1. Please send your confirmation letter (attached!) which indicated your position to ditatifani@gmail.com and Cc: stv_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com at maximum 3rd April 2014 at 12.00 am if you are willing to join the event as a participant, prep team, or facilitator.
  2. Comprehensive Evaluation Form (attached!). Please submit the document in soft file at the latest 10th April 2014 by sending TO: stv_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com and CC: ditatifani@gmail.com for the camp leaders on Workcamp spring 2014.
  3. If you need permit letter for you university and Work Place by filling permit letter slip (attached!) and we try to make it as soon as possible at the work hour (Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm) and send it via e-mail to: stv_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com and CC: ad.iiwcindonesia@gmail.com 

Attachment File


Amelia Dita Tifani
PKBI Building 1st Floor
Jembawan Raya No.8, Semarang-Central Java


Call for Participant Weekend Workcamp Mangkang 1403 : 28 – 30 March 2014

Mangkang is a small fisher and farmer village located in West Semarang. This project is organized by IIWC and is concerned with restoring and preserving the coastal area of Mangkang. Approximately 1km of coastal area is in severe danger, due to the strong abrasion and erosion after cutting of the mangrove trees. For 20 years the local partner of the mangrove project has tried to re-establish the mangrove belt in the coastal area to stop the abrasion and to regain the destroyed fishponds. The mangroves used to provide a decent living environment for fish and shrimps, but now the trees are gone, the fish production has decreased strongly. Fishermen need to move further out into the sea to get their necessary amount of fish.
Another problem in Mangkang is the lack of a governmental garbage system. Consequently, there is a lot of garbage all over the area, including inside the fishponds. We want to make an effort and help raising awareness within the local community about how to deal with the garbage issue.

Protecting the sea shore
Increasing awareness amongst the local community
Cultural exchange


  • Planting mangroves
  • Intercultural night
  • Campaign and fundraising
  • Cleaning the fishponds

Date and place:
Friday 28 – Sunday 30 March 2014
Rumah relawan IIWC, Mangkang
Friday 28-03-2014
15:00 Arrival
15:00-17:00 Campsite orientation
17:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-22:00 Intercultural night

Saturday 29-03-2014
07:30-08:30 Breakfast
08:30-12:30 Planting mangroves
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Free time
15:00-17:00 Prepare fundraising
17:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-22:00 Prepare campaign

Sunday 30-03-2014
05:30 Wake up
06:00-09:00 Campaign and fundraising on car free day (simpang lima)
09:00-10:00 Back to the campsite
10:00-13:00 Clean fishpond
13:00-15:00 Lunch
15:00-…. Bye bye weekend work camp participants
Volunteers needed:
10 volunteers, all 18+ years old

Participant Fee
70.000 IDR (We will use the participant fee for meals, accommodation, project material and local transport)

What to bring?

  • Bathroom kit
  • Spare clothes for planting
  • Sunblocker
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Umbrella/raincoat
  • Sleeping bag and mattress!!!
  • Games/materials for intercultural exchange

How to join?
Apply via sms: send sms to 08979490451 (Tony) with format: WEW1403_Name_City_Email_Arrival Date and Time_Transportation.
Example: WEW1403_Tony_Semarang_antonysatria@gmail.com_28Mar /15.00_Motorcycle.
The participation fee is Rp. 70.000 payable after you get the approval email & message to Bank account: MANDIRI Bank, Account Name: T Antony S, Account No: 136.00.0672422.0. Please inform your participation fee transfer to 08979490451 (Tony) or just come directly to IIWC office: room 1.04 1st floor PKBI Central Java Building, Jl. Jembawan Raya No. 8 Semarang, Central Java – 50145 Indonesia. Next, IIWC will process your application and send you the welcoming e-mail for the work camp.
Meeting Point: Rumah Relawan (Volunteer House) IIWC Mangkang, Mangkang Wetan Gang Tawes
Meeting Time: Friday, 28 March 2014 at 15.00, please be on time!

Call for Participant Weekend Workcamp Cikapundung BWC NICE Japan II : 14 – 16 March 2014


Since 2012, IIWC started a project at Cikapundung area Bandung, West Java. Cikapundung is one of river in Bandung and it is also known as one of dirtiest river. The river is polluted by the waste dump carelessly. When the rainy season is coming, the flood can’t be prevented. Seeing this problem IIWC starts cooperated with a local partner called Cikapundung Rehabilitation Programme since 2012 through a weekend workcamp in Cikapundung. As a follow-up of the action, this spring IIWC organize a bilateral workcamp with NICE Japan and we also invite more volunteer to join a weekend workcamp concerning about environment and education issue of Cikapundung river.


  • Cleaning Cikapundung River
  • Enviromental Campaign in Car Free Day
  • Intercultural Exchange to keep the international friendship
  • To support the BWC IIWC – NICE Cikapundung Workcamp


  • Cleaning River
  • Intercultural Night
  • Campaign about environmental issues

Date & Place:

Friday – Sunday, 14 – 16 March 2014
Batulonceng village, Cikapundung – Bandung

Fri 14 Mar 2014
13.00 – 14.00 Arrival
14.00 – 15.00 Camp Orientation
15.00 – 17.00 Learn Traditional Java Instrument Music “Calung”
17.00 – 19.00 Prepare Dinner
19.00 – 20.00 Dinner
20.00 – 22.00 Intercultural Night
22.00 Sleep

Sat 15 Mar 2014
08.00 – 09.00 Breakfast
09.00 – 11.00 Make a Recycle Pots and Gardening Indonesian Spices
11.00 – 13.00 Prepare Lunch
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 17.00 Make a Milk Candy
17.00 – 19.00 Prepare Dinner
19.00 – 20.00 Dinner
20.00 – 22.00 Prepare for Campaign
22.00 Sleep

Sun 16 Mar 2014
06.00 – 07.00 Breakfast
07.00 – 10.00 Campaign, Sell milk candies and Recycle Pots (In the City Center)
10.00 – 13.00 Free Time and Lunch (In the City Center)
13.00 – 16.00 Clean the Cikapundung River
16.00 Bye Weekend Workcamp Participant

Volunteer Needed:
10 Volunteers (everyone 18+ years old)

Participant Fee:
80.000 IDR (participant fee will use for meals, basic accommodation, basic accommodation from campsite to Dago CFD + Cikapundung River and project material). Transportation to projectsite and personal expenses are exclude

What should participants bring?

  • Personal bathroom kit
  • Spare cloth and equipments to clean the river
  • Suncream
  • Hat or cap
  • Umbrela or rain coat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sleeping bag, jacket and warm chlothes. Cikapundung area is very cold specially during the night
  • Idea for upcoming event

How to join?

  • Apply via sms: send sms to 08979490451 (Tony) with format: WEWBWCNICEII_Name_City_Email_Arrival Date and Time_Transportation. Example: WEWBWCNICEII_Tony_Semarang_antonysatria@gmail.com_14fmar /13.00_Train.
  • The participation fee is Rp. 80.000 payable after you get the approval email & message to Bank account: MANDIRI Bank, Account Name: T Antony S, Account No: 136.00.0672422.0. Please inform your participation fee transfer to 08979490451 (Tony) or just come directly to IIWC office: room 1.04 1st floor PKBI Central Java Building, Jl. Jembawan Raya No. 8 Semarang, Central Java – 50145 Indonesia. Then, IIWC will proceed your application and send you the welcoming email of the workcamp.

Meeting Point : Portal Desa Sunten Jaya Kabupaten Bandung Barat.

Map : 

map cikapundung

How to get there?

  • From Bandung Train Station, take an Angkot (color: dark brown) direction to Lembang Station, get out in Pasar Lembang.
  • From Pasar Lembang, take another Angkot (color: yellow) direction to Cibodas, and get out in Portal Desa Sunten Jaya.

Meeting Time : Friday, 14 March 2014 at 13.00

Registration not later than Wednesday, 11th March, 2014 at 12.00. Please firstly make sure you can fully participate it before applying it (no cancellation).

For more Information, please contact: pr_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com or by phone 08979490451 (Tony).

We are waiting your participation. Thank you.

“Individually We Change Ourselves. Together We Change The World”

Call untuk Local Volunteer di Rumah Belajar IIWC Tegalrejo

Call untuk Local Volunteer di Rumah Belajar IIWC – Kompleks Resosialisasi Tegalrejo

(28 April – 30 June 2014)

A. Informasi tentang Rumah Belajar IIWC:

Latar Belakang

Vulnerable Group atau kelompok rentan terutama untuk anak-anak di berbagai daerah perkotaan dan sub-urban dengan berbagai akar permasalahannya belum bisa secara menyeluruh tertangani baik oleh pemerintah maupun oleh sektor swasta yang lain. Anak-anak yang tinggal di lingkungan resosialiasasi/ lokalisasi berpotensi mendapatkan lingkungan kehidupan sehari-hari yang berbeda dari anak-anak lain dalam hal interaksi edukatif non-formal dan ketersediaan ruang untuk menghabiskan waktu senggang untuk bermain bersama teman sebaya. Melihat fakta ini, IIWC secara penuh menyadari perlunya kepedulian dan keikutsertaan banyak pihak dalam menangani isu ini. Sebagai organisasi penyelenggara kerelawanan internasional, IIWC melihat bahwa potensi kegiatan kerelawanan bisa menjadi salah satu alternatif solusi untuk pemecahan masalah anak-anak di Tegalrejo.

Lokasi Rumah Belajar:

Kompleks Resosialisasi Tegalrejo RT. 06 RW.04 Desa Jatijajar Kecamatan Bergas Kabupaten Semarang.

B. Syarat dan Kualifikasi:

  1. Bermotivasi
  2. Berkomitmen
  3. Minimal 19 tahun
  4. Mengerti dan bisa berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Indonesia & Bahasa Inggris!

C. Keterangan tentang Lowongan:

Jumlah local volunteer yang dibutuhkan: 1 (satu) orang untuk periode dari tanggal 28 April – 30 Juni 2014. Local Volunteer Rumah Belajar Tegalrejo adalah penanggung jawab Rumah Belajar IIWC Tegalrejo. Kegiatan,tanggung jawab, dan hak relawan:

  1. Berkoordinasi dengan Paguyuban Resos Tegalpanas atas keberadaan relawan di rumah belajar
  2. Live in (tinggal di Tegalrejo) selama satu minggu awal untuk mengenal dan beradaptasi dengan project site
  3. Mendokumentasikan data relawan, data target group (anak-anak), dan data kegiatan secara berkala
  4. Mengatur dan memonitor jadwal kegiatan di rumah belajar
  5. Berkoordinasi dengan staff IIWC atas update informasi progress kegiatan rumah belajar
  6. Mengatur dan mengurus keperluan sosialisasi terkait rumah belajar di tingkat RT, RW, kelurahan, kecamatan, dan kabupaten
  7. Mengurus pemberitahuan kegiatan dan keberadaan relawan yang tinggal di rumah relawan kepada otoritas: pemerintah di tingkat RT, RW, kelurahan, kecamatan, dan kabupaten serta kepolisian di tingkat sector dan resort
  8. Mendukung relawan-relawan baru menyesuaikan dirinya dengan lingkungan sekitar dalam hal: perbedaan budaya, komunikasi tingkat lokal berkehidupan sosial setempat; mendukung tindak lanjut pelatihan bahasa Indonesia; kemandirian dalam hal mengunakan transportasi
  9. Relawan berhak atas akomodasi yang terdapat di rumah relawan (listrik, air, gas, dan tempat tinggal), pada minggu pertama relawan diharapkan dapat tinggal menetap di Tegalrejo
  10. Relawan berhak mendapatkan subsidi uang transport setiap bulan.

Bagi yang berminat dapat mengisi application form (dapat diunduh dibawah) dan membawa langsung ke kantor IIWC di Gedung PKBI Jateng Lt. Ruang 104 1 Jl. Jembawan Raya No. 8, pada hari kerja hari pukul 10.00–16.00 atau via email ke alamat lmtv.iiwcindonesia@gmail.com dan cc ke iiwc1@yahoo.com. Deadline 31 Maret 2014.

Informasi lebih lanjut hubungi  Ben Pramudya di 024 7603503 ext. 104 / 085640079633 / 081805975195 setiap hari kerja pukul 10.00 – 16.00 WIB.

Kami menunggu kedatangan anda untuk menjadi bagian dari IIWC dalam menciptakan dunia yang lebih baik bagi anak-anak Tegalrejo.

Download Application Form: