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  1. [Call] Participants for Annual Meeting IIWC 2014 (Hot)
  2. [Call] Preparation Team for Annual Meeting IIWC 2014  (Hot)
  3. [Call] Participants Training for Trainers IIWC 2014, Batch 5 (Hot)
  4. [Call] Training for Camp Leaders Winter – Spring Workcamp IIWC 201(Hot)
  5. Outgoing Non Regular (Hot)
  6. List of  Work Camp Projects Season Winter – Spring 2015 | Apply Now! (Hot)
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[Call] Participants: Training for Trainers 2014, Batch 5

Training for Trainers Recruitment for New IIWC Trainers 2014
Semarang, 13 – 17 November 2014
Deadline 24 October 2014

IIWC opens new opportunity for its members to be recruited as trainers for future IIWC in-house training. The candidates shall successfully make through the administration, interview selection process, and finally to join the Training for Trainers.

Training for Trainers TfT is aimed to create qualified and committed trainers in a frame of capacity building program which is in line with the new vision and mission of PoT IIWC. Its objectives include providing new trainers with soft skills as trainers and understanding about training management; and together with current trainers to prepare the training needs of IIWC.

Further, participants of TfT will be deployed for the following IIWC activities:

  1. Training for New Members (TNM)
  2. Training for Camp Leader (TCL) Spring Camp 2015
  3. Training for Camp Leader (TCL) Summer Camp 2015
  4. Training for Peer Volunteer (TPV)
  5. On Arrival Training (OAT) LMTV Regular
  6. Pre-Departure Training (PDT)
  7. Training for Trainer Batch 6 (TfT 2015)
  8. Training for Creative Team IIWC (TCTI)
  9. Final Evaluation Spring Camp 2015
  10. Final Evaluation Summer Camp 2015
  11. IIWC Members Gathering
  12. Pool of Camp Leader (PoCL) Gathering
  13. Pool of Peer Volunteer (PoPV) Gathering
  14. Pool of Trainer (PoT) Gathering
  15. Creative Team IIWC (CTI) Gathering
  16. IIWC Local Partners Gathering

Working Language: English

Venue: PKBI Jateng building, Address: Jl. Jembawan Raya no. 8 – 10, Kalibanteng, Semarang, Jateng

Day and Date: Thursday to Monday, November 13th – 17th 2014, Training Schedule to be announced only to the successful candidates.

What to Bring:

  • Personal needs: bath kit/toiletries, clothes, personal medication
  • Personal stationary, notebook

Trainees Profile
Considering about prior statements of future commitments from trainers in PoT gathering and considering about ‘number-wisdom’ for the 4th TfT, IIWC will recruit only limited number of new trainers with the following requirements:

  • Hold a valid membership of IIWC
  • Your track records in joining any activities with IIWC will be taken into consideration
  • Preferably ever acted as IIWC work camp leader, peer volunteer, or preparation team of IIWC activities/events
  • Good at English and possess strong self-confidence
  • Good communication skill and outstanding public speaking skill
  • Good at teamwork and coordination skill
  • Available to join full time during TfT
  • Committed to be a part of Pool of Trainers and to join PoT Gathering
  • Committed to join actively IIWC activities at least until December 2015.

Term and Conditions

  1. Training for Trainer (TfT) is free for all trainees as participants.
  2. Accommodation and meals during training are provided.
  3. Travel reimbursement is provided (economic class) only to participants from outside Semarang.

How to Apply
Fill in the Application Form here as complete as possible to:

  1. Metta Dian: pooloftrainer_iiwc@yahoo.com
  2. Metta Dian: dekmetta@gmail.com
  3. Indah Sari: indahskp@gmail.com
  4. Erik Zulkarnaen: eric.zulkarnaen@gmail.com

With email subject: TFT5_Your Name (Example: TFT4_Jono Supeno) at the latest 24 October 2014.

Attachment File:

The Steering Committee of 5th IIWC TfT
Metta, Indah, Erik

[Call] Training for Camp Leaders Winter-Spring Work Camps 2015

Call for Training for Camp Leaders Winter-Spring Work Camps 2015
(December 5th – 8th, 2014)

Work Camps Summer Season is approaching. IIWC will hold this program from January – March 2015 and for this we are happy to open an invitation for future camp leaders who are motivated to lead the camps during the period. Please read the following details!

What is the Training for Camp Leaders?
Training for Camp Leaders (TCL) is a training which is designed and conducted by IIWC to prepare camp leaders in leading and managing international or bilateral/group work camps. Basic information about IVS, IIWC and how to organize work camps will be presented in this training. Additionally, the candidate of camp leaders will have hands-on learning through good practices, exercises, simulations and past-experiences sharing with previous camp leaders.

What are the lists of IIWC Winter-Spring Work Camps in 2015?
The list of Winter-Spring Work Camps of 2015 can be downloaded here.
Please note: International Work Camp is Work camp with multi-nationalities participants and Bilateral/Group Work Camp is work camp with two nationalities participants.

Where and When will the training be held?

  • Venue: Gedongsongo Temple Compound (to be confirmed)
  • Day/Date: December 5th – 8th, 2014
  • Meeting point: IIWC Volunteer House, Jalan Jembawan Raya no. 9, Semarang.
  • Departure time to TCL venue: 08.00 on Friday 5th of December 2014, IIWC Volunteer House
  • Departure time from TCL venue to Semarang: Monday, 8th of December 2014 at 08.00 (to be confirmed).

Who can apply?

  • IIWC Members or LMTV Volunteers who are committed to fully in charge as camp leaders
  • Highly motivated and committed
  • Creative and initiative
  • Good at communication skill and public speaking
  • Good at English speaking
  • High curiosity and open minded
  • Independent and responsible
  • Available to join full time during TCL
  • Having experience in IIWC work camps or weekend work camps
  • Having experience as IIWC work camp leaders are preferable
  • Ready to lead work camp as announced in placement result after TCL

How to apply?

  • Download and fill up the camp leaders application form (make sure you fill up the names of work camps you want to lead after selecting the project in the project list).
  • Send your application form to STV Co Itsnani Mardlotillah/Sany at stv_iiwcindonesia@ yahoo.com and CC to Metta Dian (Pool of Trainers Coordinator) at pooloftrainer_iiwc@yahoo.com, at the latest 23rd of October 2014, at 12.00.
  • Send your application form with email subject: Application for TCL Summer Work Camps_YOUR NAME (example: Application for TCL Summer Work Camps_Ahmad Supeno)
  • Phone interviews will be conducted on the 31st of October 2014, only to those who successfully passed the administration selection.
  • The successful candidates of camp leaders will be announced on the 4th of November 2014.
  • The detail information about TCL and confirmation of arrival form will be sent only to the successful candidates.
  • You can download the camp leader application form here.

What should you bring?

  • Personal eating utensils
  • Personal Stationeries (book + pen , etc)
  • Personal Bath kit
  • Sleeping bag and Mosquito Repellent
  • Sneakers for moderate hiking (no high heels)
  • Personal belonging include personal medication, etc
  • IIWC T-shirts (for those who have it) or red T-shirt.

Other information

  • This training for camp leaders is free (no participant fee)
  • Meals are provided during the TCL
  • All trainees will be shifted to do cooking, cleaning and washing
  • IIWC provides travel reimbursement for trainees who do not come from Semarang, based on economic standard local transport. For this, please bring the receipt with you.

If you have fulfilled all the conditions mentioned above, send your application form to stv_iiwcindonesia@ yahoo.com and CC to pooloftrainer_iiwc@yahoo.com at the latest 23rd of October 2014, at 12.00.
TCL schedule is limited to successful candidates only.



World Food Day – IIWC – 2014



IIWC World Food Day 2014!

Hi guys.. Do you know that today 16th of October is World Food Day?

IIWC volunteers had sharing discussion last weekend to welcome World Food Day 2014. The discussion was wonderful. Volunteers were very enthusiastic to ask each other and share their experiences related food issue in global also in their own region.

Thank you very much participants! hope our discussion could increase our knowledge and we can share it out to other people around us who still think that food issue is not a big deal.

Happy World Food Day!

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[Call] Preparation Team (Prep-Team) to Support IIWC Annual Meeting 2014


To support IIWC Annual Meeting 2014

Semarang, 07-09 November 2014


  • Annual Meeting is the biggest meeting in IIWC organized once in a year where IIWC invites all the active members to contribute for the future projects of IIWC. This meeting is to share the information of the progress report of last year as well as its planned activities and budget.
  • The Annual Meeting will be organized from Friday-Sunday, 07-09 November 2014 in Semarang, Central Java. Venue will be in Gedung Diklat PMI, Jl. Arumsari RT 11/02 Sambiroto, Tembalang, Semarang
  • Preparation team (prepteam) is part of the committee who is responsible to run the program successfully.
  • Prep-team is mainly in charge for the arrangement of the whole program (pre, during, and post of the meeting), including documentation and logistic.


  1. IIWC member
  2. Computer Literacy (min Microsoft Office)
  3. Must have process cultural awareness and sensitivity
  4. Good organizational and communication skill


  • 1 person for Minute Taker, Responsible to take a note based on discussions during the meeting.
  • 1 person for Menu and Logistic Team, in charge for meals and logistic preparation during the program.
  • 1 person for Documentation and Documents; Responsible for registration desk, participant name tags, pictures and video documentations during the program. Additional qualification: Have basic photography skill and Able to make/ record video.


  • Experience
  • Meal and Accommodation are covered
  • Pocket Money (but don’t expect too much)
  • Letter of reference (request and track record based)




Closing date:30 October 2014

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted

For more Information, please contact:

by Email: pr_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com

by Facebook: iiwcindonesia

[Call] Participation of Annual Meeting IIWC 2014


Semarang, 7-9 November 2014


What is Annual Meeting?
Annual Meeting is the biggest meeting in IIWC organized once in a year where IIWC invites all the active members to contribute for the future projects of IIWC. This meeting is to share the information of the progress report of last year as well as its planned activities and budget. From this meeting also IIWC will facilitate and give space for members to share ideas, to present proposals for new activities, take part in the planning and running activities of the following year, inform the last year activities and financial situation and give transparent information on the organizational situation as well. By that, we encourage for all active members to attend and actively participate the meeting.


Who can join?

1. IIWC active members (membership valid until December 2014)

2. Ever joined (at least 3 activities of these criteria below):

  • In STV project: participated in workcamp either as participant or campleader; have been being part of preparation team/facilitator of  STV Local Partner gathering; Spring/ Summer workcamp Evaluation
  • In LMTV project: have been being Peer Volunteer for 2 months, have been being part of preparation team/facilitator of LMTV On arrival training, LMTV Local partner gathering, LMTV Middle Evaluation, LMTV Final evaluation/ a member of Tim Bahasa Indonesia.
  • In IIWC Events: have been joined 3 IIWC events/weekend workcamp as participant or prep team
  • Joined one of IIWC Trainings: TCL, TfT, TPV. Either as participants or preparation team or trainer
  • Joined IIWC outgoing program

3. Fully available for the entire meeting

4. Willing to take part in every session during the meeting

5. Must have interest in developing IIWC projects


When will be held ?

Day/Date         :Friday-Sunday, 7th – 9th November 2014

Venue               : Gedung Diklat PMI, Jl. Arumsari RT 11/02 Sambiroto, Tembalang, Semarang

Remarks          : Accommodation, Meals and Local Transport (reimbursement) are provided

P.S: only participants who attend full meeting will get the reimbursement.


How to join?

  1. Fill the application form, please download it in attachment
  2. Send the form to pr_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com ad.iiwcindonesia@gmail.com not later than 30th October 2014
  3. For members who can not attend the annual meeting you can still contribute your participation by sending us the project proposal, use the project proposal form attached.

Agenda of AM 2014 will be sent very soon. For more information, please contact: Tony Satria at pr_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com


Application Form