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IIWC’s Video in Summer Camps 2014

Work Camp Abroad with IIWC: October 2015

IIWC Outgoing Regular Program

Outgoing Program is a program in which IIWC sends Indonesian volunteers as individual or group to join IVS projects abroad. In order to do so, IIWC cooperates with recognized international partners; IVS organizations around the world. Continue reading

[Press Release] BWC NUS – IIWC Mangkang 2015

We Reap What We Sow

All volunteers posing with our local partner from Biota Foundation

All volunteers posing with our local partners.

A bilateral summer camp had been done in Mangkang, Central Java, Indonesia. The bilateral camp was held from 3th – 10th June 2015 and was participated by four volunteers from NUS (National University of Singapore) and Indonesia, including Cita Priyanka and Nouval Khamdani as the camp leaders. This bilateral work camp concerned about planting mangrove and type of mangrove, garbage management project, and education for children about mangrove. Continue reading

[Announcement] Successful Candidate for Camp Leader Exchange IIWC–RUCHI India 2015

After a long and tough selection process from several applicants we received for the Camp Leader Exchange IIWC–RUCHI India 2015, finally, today we are happy to announce the successful selected volunteer, to represent IIWC in this program! Continue reading

[Press Release] VSTV Goa Lanang Compound Pangandaran 2015

A Hidden Paradise in Selasari Village


Volunteers before installing their own self-made signboards in Goa Lanang Compound

IIWC smoothly accomplished the first project in Pangandaran, named VSTV Goa Lanang Compound, on 12th – 13th June, 2015. In collaboration with Komunitas Belajar Sabalad, this work camp achieved an extraordinary experience about conservation, eco-tourism and education. These three issues were the concerns. Continue reading

[Press Release] IIWC in Collaboration with UNESCO and Borobudur Conservation Office 2015

In Collaboration with UNESCO and Borobudur Conservation Office
IIWC involved in two events in row June 5th – 10th 2015:

Borobudur Youth Forum 2015 – Youth Inspire and be Inspired!
and Sosialisasi Pelestarian Warisan Dunia Candi Borobudur untuk Anak Sekolah

June 5th – 8th, IIWC team was on stage at the Borobudur Youth Forum (BYF) 2015 as coach and facilitator team. Ismi Novia, Rahmat Hidayat HM and Amelia Gita were in charge in providing space with special method of a learning process for BYF participants to fulfill the mission of achieving BYF 2015. Continue reading

[Press Release] Community Service SOTA Singapore in Pekalongan 2015

Learning Program Trough Game and Fun Activity

bugisan 4

SOTA Singapore collaborated with IIWC organizing an art program and volunteering activities in Pekalongan and Semarang City which was started from May 23rd- 2nd July 2015. This program focused on children care and environment which was held in Bugisan and Pasir Sari. The activities aimed to grow the children awareness of environmental issues in their neighborhood as well as their creativity. Continue reading

[Call] Participants of Mini Workshop Media and Documentation & Global Action 2015

Application Deadline: 10 June 2015
Event Duration: 13-14 June 2015
Eligibility: ONLY for members of IIWC’s PoCL and PoPV


Pool of Camp Leaders (PoCL) is a forum for IIWC volunteers who previously took a role as a camp leader in the work camps. IIWC accommodates the PoCL members’ ideas through some activities in order to keep empowering their leadership skill and develop their soft skill to the next level. Next weekend we are going to have enrichment activity for members of PoCL, especially for those who will become a camp leader in this summer. On this occasion, we will focus on self development as leaders and emerging work camp activities in a global action on IVS’s network. Continue reading