[Press Release] VSTV Hikayat Orphan Camp 2015

Volunteering Spirit from Tulungagung

All six volunteers of IIWC dedicate the activity for the kids.

All six volunteers of IIWC dedicate the activity for the kids.

IIWC Community Kediri Raya (ICKR) has accomplished their first Very Short Term Volunteering (VSTV) project on 3rd-4th of July 2015. This project focused on ‘Children and Education’ for the children from Hikmatul Hayat Orphanage, Tulungagung, East Java. The team consisted of six local volunteers who were the members of ICKR with Rahil as the project leader. Their spirit for the project made the two days in the orphanage became an unforgettable experience. Continue reading

[Call] Two Documentalists for “Changing Perspectives: Measuring and Showing the Impact of Volunteering”

Application Deadline: 10 July 2015
Event Duration: in between 5 – 25 August, 2015

During this summer work camp season IIWC is implementing a global action project called, “Changing Perspectives: Measuring and Showing the Impact of Volunteering”, which will be applied to two work camps in Semarang and Bandung area.

What Changing Perspectives Project Is Continue reading

[Press Release ] Ramadan Camp 2015

Honesty For Good Deeds

Volunteers conducting SidiQuest socialization for the orphans.

Volunteers conducting SidiQuest socialization for the orphans.

An international work camp has been done effectively by IIWC on 18th June-1st July 2015 in Fatimatuzzahra orphanage, Mangunsari, Semarang which was led by Muhammad Hidayat Muttaqin and Maryam Fatchiyaturrohmah. There were nine international volunteers participated who were from France, Belgium, Vietnam and Indonesia. Continue reading

Work Camp Abroad with IIWC: October 2015

IIWC Outgoing Regular Program

Outgoing Program is a program in which IIWC sends Indonesian volunteers as individual or group to join IVS projects abroad. In order to do so, IIWC cooperates with recognized international partners; IVS organizations around the world. Continue reading

[Press Release] BWC NUS – IIWC Mangkang 2015

We Reap What We Sow

All volunteers posing with our local partner from Biota Foundation

All volunteers posing with our local partners.

A bilateral summer camp had been done in Mangkang, Central Java, Indonesia. The bilateral camp was held from 3th – 10th June 2015 and was participated by four volunteers from NUS (National University of Singapore) and Indonesia, including Cita Priyanka and Nouval Khamdani as the camp leaders. This bilateral work camp concerned about planting mangrove and type of mangrove, garbage management project, and education for children about mangrove. Continue reading

[Announcement] Successful Candidate for Camp Leader Exchange IIWC–RUCHI India 2015

After a long and tough selection process from several applicants we received for the Camp Leader Exchange IIWC–RUCHI India 2015, finally, today we are happy to announce the successful selected volunteer, to represent IIWC in this program! Continue reading

[Press Release] VSTV Goa Lanang Compound Pangandaran 2015

A Hidden Paradise in Selasari Village


Volunteers before installing their own self-made signboards in Goa Lanang Compound

IIWC smoothly accomplished the first project in Pangandaran, named VSTV Goa Lanang Compound, on 12th – 13th June, 2015. In collaboration with Komunitas Belajar Sabalad, this work camp achieved an extraordinary experience about conservation, eco-tourism and education. These three issues were the concerns. Continue reading