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  1. Socialization of Borobudur Conservation | Apply as Mentors (Hot)
  2. Borobudur Youth Forum 2015Apply as Participants (Hot)
  3. Bilateral Work Camp IIWC-NUS Singapore, Mangkang | Apply Now (Hot)
  4. Outgoing Non Regular: Camp Leader Exchange IIWC-RUCHI India 2015 | Apply Now
  5. Weekend Work Camp | For Indonesian | For International Volunteers 
  6. List of  Work Camp Projects Season Summer 2015 | Apply Now
  7. Member Recruitment | Apply to be member.
IIWC’s Video in Summer Camps 2014

[Call] Camp Leader Exchange IIWC–RUCHI India 2015

What is Camp Leader Exchange?

Camp Leader Exchange is a program organized by IIWC for the Camp Leaders who pursue their dream to lead an extraordinary camp. Normally, Camp Leader leads a work camp in Indonesia, supporting STV Coordinator to conduct the activity in the season. This time IIWC invites all the Camp Leader who are willing to be a Camp Leader in India for two months duration. Continue reading

[Call Member Only] 10 Mentors To Support Socializing Borobudur Conservation

Application Deadline: 31 May 2015
Event Duration: 9 – 10 June 2015

IIWC is again collaborating with the Borobudur Conservation Office in June on its mission to socialize about the importance of conserving our world heritage site, Borobudur Temple. Still in a series of World Heritage Day celebration, which was marked on the 18th of April, the two organizations believe that we need to grow one’s awareness about its environment and their sense of belonging to their roots started from the early age. Hence we will organize the “Socialization of Borobudur Conservation” Continue reading

[Announcement] Successful Candidates for South-North Weltwaerts Reverse Program 2015-2016

After a long and tough selection process from many applicants we received for the The South-North Weltwaerts Reverse Program 2015-2016 in Germany, finally, today we are happy to announce all of you the successful selected volunteers, to represent IIWC in this program!

They are: Continue reading

[Call] Coaches and Facilitators for Borobudur Youth Forum (BYF) 2015

Application Deadline: 21 May 2015
Event Duration: 5 – 8 June, 2015
Youth: Inspire and Be Inspired!

IIWC is in collaboration with UNESCO Indonesia and Balai Konservasi Borobudur to organize the first “Borobudur Youth Forum 2015″, on the 5-8 June 2015. To help conducting the event as planned, we are calling three Coaches and five Facilitators to join our BYF Team. Continue reading

[Announcement] Selected Interpreters for Community Service Indonesia–Singapore 2015

IIWC is happy to announce another placement for our four volunteers as Interpreters, who will support the 4th Community Service program Indonesia – Singapore with School Of The Art (SOTA) Singapore from 23rd of May – 2nd of June 2015 and the project will be based in Pekalongan.

The four selected Interpreters are: Continue reading