[Call] Non Regular Outgoing Program in Berlin 2015-2016, FULL COVERED

The South-North Weltwaerts Reverse Program 2015-2016
Application Deadline: 30th March 2015

Opportunity to apply for a volunteer position in Germany. The programme is called “The South-North Weltwaerts Reverse Program”. It will be funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and hosted by IIWC’s German partner, IJGD.

IIWC opens the chance to local volunteer to be the representative of IIWC for the Weltwaerts Program in German for 12 months of duration. Continue reading

[Press Release] Mangunan International Work Camp IIWC 1503

Voluntary Work on Supporting Empowerment Program in Mangunan Village

All volunteers of international work camp and weekend work camp in Mangunan

All volunteers of international work camp and weekend work camp in Mangunan

International work camp has been done about one week ago in Mangunan village. It was started from February 05th – 18th, 2015. It has been participated by Anthony Poulin from Canada and Yogi Triesky from Indonesia as the camp leader. Mangunan is one touristic village located in Bantul Municipality, Yogyakarta Province. To support empowerment program in Mangunan, IIWC created education and cultural themed project Continue reading

[Press Release] Gedongsongo Weekend Work Camp 20-22 February 2015

Volunteers of Gedongsongo Weekend Work Camp 2015

Volunteers of Gedongsongo Weekend Work Camp 2015

Gedongsongo camp was held splendidly in Candi Village, Bandungan, Semarang. This camp was participated by eight participants and a camp leader. They were all Indonesians from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Kudus and Tegal who were staying with a host family. The camp lasted in three days from Friday till Sunday by completing big-three project. The project were cleaning the temple environment from non-organic rubbish, socialization and campaign about environmental issue. Continue reading

[Press Release] Mangkang Mini Work Camp 2015

Volunteer socialized throwing garbage in one point (TPST)

Volunteer socialized throwing garbage in one point (TPST)

A mini work camp has been done in Mangkang, Semarang, Central Java, for five days led by Rahayu Nofi. It was started from 19th to 23rd of February 2015 and was participated by ten participants in total. The participants were including five persons who were recruited especially for this mini work camp and five others were currently volunteering in Mangkang already. They were four members of Japan-Asean Voluntary Service program (JAVS) and one Middle Term Volunteer program.

The work camp focused on the garbage project and mangrove planting. Continue reading

[Call For Bandung Only] Participants for Weekend Work Camp: Batu Lonceng Camp 27 February – 01 March 2015

Weekend Work Camp Batu Lonceng 27 February – 01 March 2015
Application Deadline: 26 February 2015

In cooperated with Satria Muda Indonesia (new local partner who preserve the Sudanese culture and Ekolink Bandung, an NGO who concerns about environmental issues in Bandung region and its surrounding. Batu Lonceng has a lot of potential that would become benefit for villagers, such as farming, landscape, cultural and many more. However, due to the lack of local people awareness about their own environment it becomes a challenge. Continue reading

[Press Release] Fazza International Work Camp IIWC 1504

Volunteers of Fazza International Work Camp

Volunteers of Fazza International Work Camp

An international Winter-Spring Camp had been conducted in Fatimatuzzahro (Fazza) Orphanage, Mangunharjo, Semarang, Central Java. The camp which was held from 04th – 17th of February 2015 was participated by five volunteers from France and Indonesia, including Badariyah and Atina Vina Muna as the camp leaders.

The main work of this camp was to raise orphans’ awareness about cleanliness around their living area. The raising awareness was done Continue reading

[Press Release] Tegalrejo International Work Camp IIWC 1507

2015 Tegalrejo Int.1

Volunteers of Tegalrejo International Work Camp 2015

Tegalrejo International Work Camp period Spring-Winter 2015 has smoothly held from 28th January to 10th February 2015. The work camp was located in prostitution area of Tegalrejo Village, Bergas, Semarang Regency with theme education and kids. The work camp hosted volunteers of multiple nationalities including Matej Cief from Slovak; Mako Yoshitani and Aki Sumika from Japan; Shinhye Kwon, Sang Wong Lee, Song Jeong Yeon from South Korea; and Mayorita and Lidyana Fatmawati from Indonesia. This work camp was led by Indonesian, Siti Nurkhasana and Rizal Filiawan. Continue reading