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  1. Training For New Members May 2015 (TNM) | Apply Now!  (Hot)
  2. Interpreters for Community Service Indonesia–Singapore 2015 | Apply Now (Hot)
  3. Weekend Work Camp | For Indonesian | For International Volunteers (Hot)
  4. List of  Work Camp Projects Season Summer 2015 | Apply Now! (Hot)
  5. Member Recruitment | Apply to be member.
IIWC’s Video in Summer Camps 2014

[Call] Participants of Training New Members (TNM) May 2015

TNM Bandung: 10 May 2015
TNM Yogyakarta: 17 May 2015
FREE OF CHARGE, limited seats and book yours now!

 What is Training for New Members:
Training for New Members (TNM) is a program organized by IIWC aimed to introduce the organization to its new members. TNM allows the new members to gain better understanding and deeper insight about International Voluntary Service (IVS) and most updated IIWC activities. It also helps new members to decide how you can participate, in what role and which field of voluntary works you can join. It is also recommended for existing members or former members who renew membership and want to get the latest news of IIWC.

Aims: To recruit new member volunteers who have better understanding about International Voluntary Service and IIWC.


  1. To provide new members with knowledge about International Voluntary Service (IVS)
  2. To provide new members with the information about IIWC activities.
  3. To realize regeneration of IIWC members
  4. To provide new members with the basic knowledge of organizing events with IIWC.

Expected Outcome:

  1. New members understand IVS concepts
  2. New members understand about IIWC membership and activities
  3. New members to actively participate in IIWC activities
  4. New members understand how to organize IIWC events

Venue and Time:
During May 2015, IIWC is holding three TNMs in two different cities. If you reside in or are closed to the following places, then choose your preferable dates and place of TNM to participate:

  • TNM Bandung: May 10th, 2015
  • TNM Yogyakarta: May 17th, 2015

Who Can Join:

  1. Already member of IIWC but never joined TNM yet.
  2. Formerly member of IIWC and would like to renew membership and gets the most updated news about the organization.
  3. Not yet member and voluntarily would like to become member of IIWC.

Register Offline (please directly contact IIWC’s Local Community):

Register Online:

  1. For members: download and submit your confirmation slip below (number 1.)
  2. For non-members and would like to apply earlier: send membership requirements as explained in our blog, click here and do not forget to state which TNM you want to join.
  3. For non-members who wish to complete membership on the spot, can also save TNM seats earlier by filling in the TNM form (number: 2).

Download TNM Form:

  1. Members Only
  2. Non members who wish to apply on the spot

Deadline of application (both online and offline):

  • Send this form by email to Public Relation Staff IIWC: pr_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com and Pool of Trainers IIWC: pooloftrainer_iiwc@yahoo.com
  • Deadline of online application for TNM Bandung: May 6th, 2015 at 12AM/midnight
  • Deadline of online application for TNM Yogyakarta: May 13th,  2015 at 12AM/midnight


  • Details of venue and schedule of each training is sent only to participants.
  • Training venue is limited seat, only for 15-25 numbers of participants.
  • Application for TNM are closed as soon as the maximum number is reached.

Contact: Public Relations Staff IIWC: pr_iiwcindonesia@yahoo.com

Book your TNM seats earlier!

[Announcement] Participants and Prepteam of TCL Summer 2015

The interview session as the second part of camp leader selection for Summer Camps 2015 has been completed. We are now pleased to announce that the following candidates are those who are selected as camp leader candidates to join Training for Camp Leaders (TCL) Summer 2015.

TCL is the final round of camp leader selection to decide placement or no placement for the candidates. They are: Continue reading

[Call] Interpreters for Community Service Indonesia–Singapore 2015

Application Deadline: 6 May 2015
Project Duration: 23 May – 2 June 2015

IIWC in cooperation with School of The Arts (SOTA) Singapore is happy to call for INTEPRETERS to support the 4th Community Service program Indonesia – Singapore this May-June 2015.

What is Community Service Indonesia – Singapore?
It is 10 days activities that will be participated by 18 high school students with average age is 17 years old from School Of The Art based in Singapore. For more information about SOTA click here. Continue reading

[Press Release] Final Evaluation Winter-Spring Work Camp 2015


Final Evaluation of Winter-Spring Work Camp 2015

The Final Evaluation Winter Spring Work Camp 2015 has been completed. It was held two days started from April 4th-5th, 2015 in IIWC volunteer house in Jl. Jembawan No. 9 Semarang, Central java. There were 21 camp leaders from eleven work camps and four facilitators participated in this final evaluation. Continue reading

[Call] Preparation Team for Training Camp Leaders Summer 2015

Application deadline: April 21st 2015
Training duration: May 1st – 4th 2015

Program Overview
TCL is a training which is designed and conducted by IIWC to prepare camp leaders in leading and managing international or bilateral work camps. We will organize TCL for Summer work camp season 2015 (June – September). The Training for Camp Leaders will be held from Friday-Monday, 1st– 4thMay 2015 in Gedongsongo, Temple Compound, Central Java. Preparation team (Prep-team) is part of the committee who is responsible to support running the program successfully. Continue reading

[Extended Call] Participants of Training for Camp Leaders Summer Work Camps 2015

EXTENDED Application Deadline: 23rd April 2015 | 10PM or 22.00 WIB
Training Duration: May 1st – 4th 2015

Work Camps Summer Season is approaching. IIWC will hold this program from June – September 2015 and for this we are happy to announce an invitation for future camp leaders who are motivated to lead the camps during the period. Please read the following details! Continue reading